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InSPIRESS is always appreciative of professionals who volunteer to be judges for our events and activities.  This semester, we have one Final Review & Open House in Huntsville, AL on campus at UAH.  If you are interested in being a judge, for either the Final Review or Open House, please click the links below.  We will provide judging criteria in all cases.

Day of event

Volunteer Options

There are several ways to volunteer at an InSPIRESS event. Please consider both options when filling out volunteer registration forms. Unfortunately, due to time overlaps of events, you cannot volunteer to be a judge at both events.

Call For Inquiry

(256) 824-STEM (7836)

Mail For Inquiry

01. Final Review Judge:

Time needed to be at event: (8:30 am – 12:00 pm CST)

Judging a formal engineering presentation for 3-4 different student teams. Judges should remain for entire 4 of the event. Presentations will be at UAH, in-person and via telecommunications.

02. Open House Judge:

Time needed to be at event: (Approximately 1 hour of your choice, between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm CST)

Walk around, “conversational” judging of posters dealing with community outreach and technical design.


We appreciate all of our volunteers! If you have questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone. 


Future volunteers

For Your Info (FYI)

There are many ways to get involved. Know the options when deciding where to plug in.

Location, Location, Location

We have events in several cities across the United States. Be sure when you register to mark the location of where you anticipate volunteering!

Our current locations include:

  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Wahpeton, North Dakota
  • El Paso Texas


Volunteer Position

We have several different options for how volunteers can get plugged in. Read the descriptions above to learn more.

Our current Volunteer Positions include:

  • Final Review Judge
  • Open House Judge



Student Contacts


Years Established

Get In Touch

Location: 301 Sparkman Dr., Huntsville, AL 35899

Telephone: (256) 509-6118

Email: inspiress@uah.edu