Our Mission and Vision

The Innovative System Project for the Increased Recruitment of Emerging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Students (InSPIRESS) is an outreach project that provides the opportunity for high school students to develop and design a scientific payload to be accommodated on a spacecraft which is designed by undergraduate students in the UAH IPT project. High school students collaborate with the undergraduate engineering students to understand the engineering requirements, the design process, and the role a customer plays in design. InSPIRESS teams compete for selection by the undergraduate engineering teams.

InSPIRESS is a STEM outreach program based at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

Fall 2022 Notable Deadlines

Friday, November 18

Payload Concept Proposal (PCP) Due

Friday, December 2

Open House Poster Due

Monday, December 5

Final Review (FR) Presentation Due

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Location: 301 Sparkman Dr. Huntsville, AL 35899

Telephone: (256) 824-STEM (7836)

Email: inspiress@uah.edu