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Listed in the tabs below are the upload forms for both the team projects and ACE Data.


The primary upload form is below.  If you have any trouble, please contact Matt or Pratik.  After a successful upload, you will be redirected back to the InSPIRESS home page, and you and your teacher will receive emails from “” summarizing the upload.

Activities for Community Engagement (ACE) Event Questionnaire

In the form below, please provide your Activities for Community Engagement (ACE) information and data.  This is NOT the summary information (at the end of the semester), but this is information about a particular event (or events) that you have recently conducted.  The information requested (below) asks for demographics and photos.  The purpose of this form is to help you keep track of your events, totals, and photos.  If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us.


All downloads have been moved to the Google Drive Folder:



All downloads have been moved to the Google Drive Folder:


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